September 2014

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Improving quality and safety in the cardiovascular OR: SCA efforts 

Serum progesterone concentration may influence the anesthetic requirement of a parturient undergoing cesarean delivery 

Radical prostatectomy for cancer: A comparison between general anesthesia and epidural anesthesia with fentanyl analgesia 

Supraglottic airways can be associated with serious patient morbidity 

Heart failure patients who undergo surgery do not only have cardiac complications 

Spinal Anesthesia and Cognitive Development in Children: A Preliminary Study 

Noninvasive Measurement of Hemoglobin Via CO-Oximetry: Is it Accurate in Children?  

An association study of vitamin D levels and postoperative outcome 

Perioperative Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy for Colorectal Surgery 

Development of a Short Version of the Modified Yale Preoperative Anxiety Scale 

C-reactive protein kinetics after major surgery 

Neuraxial anesthesia for the prevention of postoperative morbidity and mortality  

Can PEEP increase jugular vein size in obese patients? 

Daily Evaluation of Anesthesiologists’ Supervision of Anesthesiology Residents and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists 

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