October 2014

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Fall-prevention strategies after total knee arthroplasty 

Early management of acute hemorrhagic shock 

Ultrasound use to determine gastric content in severely obese individuals 

Dr. Freeman Allen: an anesthesiology pioneer 

Can dexamethasone reduce delirium incidence after cardiac surgery?  

Proper care of patients who suffer myocardial infarction after vascular surgery 

November 2014: Anesthesia & Analgesia 

Drug-induced sleep endoscopy: use of an automated dosing strategy  

Keep breathing! 

TEE is useful even during cardiopulmonary bypass 

Blood pressure control with sodium nitroprusside: a study in children 

Is one opioid better than another when used as part of an epidural infusion? 

How far should a nasopharyngeal temperature probe be inserted? 

Statin therapy and patients at high risk for developing ARDS: Is there a benefit? 

The Efficacy of Heat and Moisture Exchangers in Children 

Serum anticholinergic activity and postoperative cognitive dysfunction 

Insuring Patient Safety During Procedural Sedation

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