July 2014

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Is postoperative opioid use after minor surgery related to PTSD? 

Pierre Robin Sequence: a review for the anesthesiologist  

August 2014: Anesthesia & Analgesia 

Wrong site surgery is a “never event”: examination using root cause analysis 

Root cause analysis after cardiac arrest due to local anesthetic overdose 

Wake Up Safe: an effort to improve quality and safety of anesthesia care provided to children across the US

Studies of MDCO-2010, a drug that could have potentially replaced TXA or aprotinin 

Long-term follow-up after anesthesia awareness with recall 

Emergency pages in an ambulatory surgery facility: frequency, indications, and major outcomes 

Anesthesia machine checkout when either inspiratory or expiratory occlusion occurs 

Should capnography use be required for patients receiving deep sedation? 

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