January 2014

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Anesthesia Quality Institute (part 1) 

Gastric fluid volume after the ingestion of different fluids 

Home discharge with continuous peripheral nerve block catheters

Subjective appearance is important in predicting difficult intubation 

February 2014 Anesthesia & Analgesia 

Point-of-care glucose monitors can be inaccurate, resulting in disastrous consequences 

Education outside the journal: should the anesthesiologist be suspicious that the patient is pickwickian? 

Bacterial growth in IV extension tubing after propofol injection 

Appropriate technique for management of regional anesthesia for elective caesarean section in morbidly obese patients 

Are patients hyperglycemic after PONV treatment with dexamethasone? 

Cardiac arrest incidence in the pediatric cardiac catheterization laboratory: the experience of one hospital 

Should patients who receive an epidural for labor pain relief receive antibiotic prophylaxis? 

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