February 2014

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A study of anesthesia recall used to study postoperative delirium 

Does a low threshold current indicate a stimulating needle is in the nerve or next to the nerve?  

An evaluation of procedural sedation safety in one institution  

March 2014 Anesthesia & Analgesia   

Pressure injury related to use of a forehead oximeter probe 

Fewer physician interventions are needed to treat blood pressure after spinal anesthesia for C-section when a phenylephrine infusion is used 

Point-of-care laboratory testing used to measure platelet function during cardiac surgery 

Three family trees with ryanodine receptor mutations associated with malignant hyperthermia 

Are older patients more likely to receive a blood transfusion? 

Anesthesia Quality Institute (part 2)  

Is manually recorded information accurate?  

There’s no MH phenotype, a fact borne out by this retrospective analysi

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