December 2014

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Happy New Year 

Handoff of care: introduction of an easy-to-access electronic checklist 

Postoperative hypoglossal nerve palsy: It may be more common than we think 

A more rapid measure of fibrinogen: a system similar to thromboelastography 

What do anesthesia residents think about the quality of supervision? 

January 2015: Anesthesia & Analgesia

Nerve blocks may be helpful in children undergoing VP shunt revision 

Variation in the pulse oximetry plethysmographic waveform: a surrogate for left atrial fluid responsiveness 

Multiple vs. single injection of the proximal sciatic nerve 

Regional oximetry: the wave of the future? 

Glucose, isoflurane, and caspase-3 activation  

An analysis of second-line uterotonic use in the United States 

Thoughts about resuscitation during the time of the ancient Greeks 

Upper airway obstruction can also cause plethysmographic waveform variation 

Is desflurane better than propofol for anesthesia maintenance in patients undergoing ophthalmic surgery? 

A&A Case Reports: Happy Birthday! 

Larry Saidman is retiring

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