October 2013

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Pilots use checklists. Why don’t anesthesiologists do the same? 

A hybrid operating room for patients undergoing cesarean delivery 

Extra information provided by an anesthesia workstation can alter practice  

November 2013: Anesthesia & Analgesia  

Total knee operations, neuraxial anesthesia, and the risk of infection 

Sepsis after delivery: a study of incidence in the United States 

Is anemia the reason for poor outcome after surgery, or is it just a surrogate measure? 

Hgb concentration and kidney injury: is there a relationship? 

The TXA requirement to manage excess bleeding is less for infants than for adults 

A&A Case Reports: At last! 

Onset time for paralysis does not match duration of action 

Effect-site concentration is more accurate than MAC for predicting response to stimulation  

Mobile Phones Bring Computing Power to the Third World 

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